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Cleaning SUCKS!

As my subject tells, Cleaning SUCKS! It's not like I a slob or anything like that, but I let things build up, and then have to deal with them all at once.

So, Kris asked if I could house some of the kids from the Bethany Lutheran Choir at my place, and I said yes, so now I need to clean my place up. Do laundry, wash sheets, and other fun crap. It's not that I don’t mind doing this. Heck, I need to do this stuff anyway, but now I'm on a deadline, and have to have it all done before I head to classes / work on Monday morning, cus after work I'm heading over to St. Luke Lutheran Church to eat dinner with the choir bunch, and then stay for there performance. Then after that, I grab the two guys who are staying at my place, and then we come home. To top it all off, I have to put in like 4 or 5 hours at work today, and Sunday is all filled doing church things, and youth group things. Plus, I also have to find time to blow out some homework, yes that fun stuff! NOT! LOL.

So, It looks like 2 late nights of cleaning, doing laundry, washing things, and other stuff. So, wish me luck, and that other stuff. Well, I'm off to work, then to Bed Bath & Beyond to buy more sheets, then to my parents house to wash my bedding stuff, and then home to clean.

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