Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

I think I found a new toy...

So I am not ever sure how I really found this thing. I set out tonight surffing the web and I was not even looking for eBook readers. This little toy is the Sony Portable Reader PRS-500. Its what is known as an eBook reader, which bascily means I would be able to read books, in electronic form on this thing.

As werid as it seems, I can read from a computer so much better then I can read from a book. I am really not sure why, maybe its just beacuse I am a true nerd. So with that said, I have been looking for ways so that I can read more as I do enjoy reading when I have stuff on the computer, its just not always pratical to have the computer.

So with that said, I might buy one. I only wish I had found this a few days back so I could have found one before I left for Milwaukee. Really, I do know where I can get one in town for about 280.00, but since I am not sure if I really am going to buy this or not, I think its just going to have to wait a week until I get back.

Since I worked so many hours this week (I had 52), I should have a nice overtime check which I guess will be in the tune of 200 dollars more then my normal pay check. So I am thinking that 200 or so dollars, plus some of my house sitting money might go to fund this little toy.

If you want to see the specs on this baby, look here. Also, I just noticed from looking at Sony's website that if I buy one of these things before 9/30/07, I get 100 Connect eBooks Classics titles.
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