Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Hands down, the week from hell.

This has to have been my week from hell. Well, at least one of many. LOL.

So let’s see, recap of everything:

  • Last night I left the office at 1am (ok, I guess I really should say this morning). Was back in the office just a tad before 7am for monthly company breakfast / monthly all hands meeting. Only got something like 4.5 hours of sleep.
  • By the grace of God (or someone / something) I was able to get Dynamics GP AKA Great Pains loaded up on VMServer on my laptop. Also just in case, I worked up another laptop that is now running Windows Server 2003 (no VMWare) and has a full working copy of Dynamics GP on it.
  • After leaving the office today just after 2:30pm, I had 50 hours for the week. Since I still have to go back and do my weekend shit and other junk to get ready to leave town Monday, I project I will have 52 hours (Maybe 53) for the week when everything is all said and done.
  • Somehow that I have yet to figure out, I re-injured my ankle (yes, the same one I really screwed up about 1.5 years ago). I did not hurt it as bad as the first time, but still enough that I am feeling some pain (with out pain meds). I am back in my air cast for at least for tonight, and maybe the weekend as I am playing this by ear.

On the plus side of things and looking ahead:

  • Sonic screwed my order up tonight but in my favor. I had asked for a large rootbeer, and I instead got a large rootbeer float, and was only charged for the large rootbeer. And you say there is not a God? (Sorry, could not help my self after the week I have had)
  • On Monday I leave for a week of training in Milwaukee. This will be a chance to get away from the normal and a chance to get get my ass out of the office before school starts. I've got some fun things lined up for my time up in Milwaukee and am going to be eating at some really good Germen places.
  • Tomorrow (provided my ankle does not hurt too too much), I am going up to Santa Fe with my parents and my grandma. Going to try a new place to eat and then take care of some other business.
  • My sister is coming home in about 2 weeks (ya, I know I saw her only like 2 months ago, but I don’t care). It will be nice to have her home and get to spend sometime with her.

Ok, that’s it. Ya, more negative stuff then positive, but then it would not be the week from hell if it had more positive then negative would it?

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