Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Now I remember why I call it Great Pains...

So one of the things that I have had to do to get ready for my training in Milwaukee is work up a test computer with a clean install of Microsoft Dynamics GP aka, Great Pains with the sample company data. Now normally this is not a hard thing to do, but since I really do not want to travel with two laptops (not out of the question yet), and since I can not just take a desktop computer to Milwaukee (it’s just not going to happen), I am trying to do it in VMWare.

For those of you who do not know, WMWare and VMServer (which is what I am using) are virtualization platforms that basically allow you to run a computer in a computer. The other reason why I am doing this is that I do not want to gunk my computer up with Dynamics shit. Once you get Dynamics on a computer, its hard to remove everything that gets associated with it.

So my first, IDK, 10 attempts I tried using Windows 2003 Server. Each and every time I told Dynamics to install the sample company; it would upchuck right in the middle of it. I only got it to work once (and it still and issues), so I scrapped that.

Then tonight I figured I would try an Windows XP install running MSDE (Like SQL Server, but for non-server OS's). Well that was fun in its own right as I have never installed and/or used MSDE. Once I got MSDE figured out (boy that was fun), I then installed Dynamics. Then I told it to install the sample company data which it did just fine. The only problem, not a single user in Dynamics can get to the sample company. I know its there, it just looks like its not to any user account. So that’s no good.

So since I have been working on this for over a week now, and have a lot of time in on it this week (I'm already over 40 hours this week) I have been doing plenty of research both on the web (via google) and on Customer Source (which is Microsoft self-help site, with a knowledge base and such) with no luck on figuring out what in the fuck is going on with this. It really is starting to piss me off.

Now I have thought that it could be cus I am running everything under VMWare and VMServer, but everything else and every other piece of software works just fine under VMWare/VMServer including a install of the Apple Mac OS X (which really should not run under this stuff).

But one thing I did find in all my research was some weird really small reference to something that does only apply to version 7.5 (we are running 9), but there is an issue with the sample company if there is a "-" or any other symbol in the computer name. So, go figure, that each time I have been calling this server something like "Wennsoft-Training".

So right now (Yes I am still at work, even at almost 11pm) I am reinstalling Windows Server 2003 with a different computer name that does not have a "-" in it. The reason I am trying to get this done tonight, is so that if this does not work, I can give the MSDE one last try on my actual computer with no VMWare/VMServer and see if I can make it work.

If I can not make that work, then I will be calling tech support and saying "WHAT IN THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THIS SHIT!". But, it is Dynamics GP, which is a Microsoft product and this is just another reason why I call this Great Pains. Something that should work really easy does not work, and is really fucking hard to make work.
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