Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Its no vacation.....

So my trip next week is not going to be a vacation by any stretch of the mind, but it might come close. LOL. I have two long days of travel (one going out, one coming back). Plus I have 4 days of 8 hour classes. But after talking with my boss, I have been cleared to have some fun when I am up in Milwaukee.

First off, on Monday which is the day I arrive in Milwaukee I get in around 1:30pm (assuming everything is on time). So I will pick up my rental car, and run out to my hotel in Waukesha, WI get checked in and drop my crap off and maybe change into something nicer.

Then I will start to make my way downtown, stopping off on my way at Miller Brewing Co, to take a tour of there facility. I have always wanted to tour a Beer Company so I am. Then after the tour and such, then I will head downtown and have dinner at Karl Ratzsch's Restaurant or Maders Restaurant. (It depends on when & where I can get a reservation). After dinner I will driver back out to my hotel for what I hope with be a early night.

Then my boss also suggested I check out a Milwaukee Brewers game since they are at home the week I am there. They have games on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday that work with my schedule. So, now it all depends on which team I want to see. Tuesday & Wednesday's games are against the St Louis Cardinals and the Friday game is against the Cincinnati Reds. The thing is, since the cardinals are a much more desirable team to watch, the tickets cost more then the tickets to see the Reds would cost.

Tuesday thru Friday I am in class all day from 8am to 5pm. There are a few restaurants that I want during the week that we don’t have here in New Mexico (Like Panera Bread Co. and Chipotle Mexican Grill). Also I am going to work in the other restaurant that I dont go to from Monday night.

Then Saturday I wake up, check out of my hotel, and I am going to drive up to the lake area and fart around there until I have to go return the rental car at 11:30am, so I can catch my 1:40pm flight. Coming back should be fun. The fastest and cheapest I could get home has me going from MKE (Milwaukee) to ORD (Chicago O'Hare) to DFW (Dallas / Fort Worth) to ABQ (Albuquerque).

Yes that is right; I have to take 3 flights to get home. At O'Hare I have a 1 hour 20 min layover and in DFW I have a 40 min layover (which means no screwing around). Sad part, this sequence of flights gets me home in about the same time as only having one connection and it does not require me to leave at 8am.
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