Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

If you drink, you can't drive these Nissans

If you drink, you can't drive these Nissans, That was the headline I saw as I was scanning today.

Now first off, what does it say about our world that we live in when car makers are having to build this stuff into their cars? Heck, here in the "DWI Capital of the World" we just had a guy up in Santa Fe County get arrested for his seventh DWI / DUI charge, and there are plenty other people just like that here in New Mexico.

Why is it that people really have a hard time with the whole no drinking and driving thing? Heck just a few weeks ago I had a brush with a wrong way driver (whom I guessing was drunk) during the middle of freaking rush hour on a Wednesday!

New Mexico is a state where most people personaly know someone who has been charged with at least one DWI charge. Some people even know people with two or three DWI charges, and the scarry part is they are among the general population.
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