Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Dick Cheney + Healthcare = Bionic Man?

Reading the online edition of the New York Times, I saw an article titled, New Heart Device Installed in Cheney. Here is the last paragraph from the story:

"Mr. Cheney, 66, has had four heart attacks, the first when he was 37 and the last on Nov. 22, 2000, amid the furor over the contested outcome of the presidential election. Mr. Cheney has also had quadruple heart bypass surgery and two angioplasties, procedures to clear blockages in the arteries."

I guess I am trying to figure out how in the hell this man is still alive. I mean, heck, he has suffered 4 heart attacks and has had quadruple heart bypass surgery, plus two angioplasties. OMG, forget the Bionic Woman, Dick Cheney is the freaking Bionic Man.
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