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Stranded, alone and hundreds of miles from home, four unaccompanyed New Mexico teens were left in western Arizona at 2am after they were kicked off a Amcrap, I mean Amtrak train on Saturday. The trouble began when a passenger's iPod disappeared and one of the four New Mexico teens was accused of stealing it.

I love what Vernae Graham, a Amtrak spokeswoman said "(the children) weren't just put off in the middle of nowhere, mind you. They were put off in the custody of the police department." O yes, nothing says saftey more then being kicked off a train at 2am in the middle of nowhere and being told that you are being put into police custody. These kids must have been freaking out! The teens' parents say the only option was to drive the 600 miles from Taos, NM to Kingman, AZ and pick up the kids.

This comes just weeks after a 65-year-old St. Louis man was kicked off another Amtrak train in the middle of a national forest in Williams, Ariz. Amtrak officials said train workers followed policy when they kicked the man off the train beacuse they thought he was drunk. But the man's family tells a different story, saying he was in diabetic shock at the time. Roosevelt Sims was found on June 29 dehydrated and disoriented two miles from where he was dropped off.

What the in the hell is going on with Amtrak? Can you even think of the crap an airline would take if they tried to pull this shit? Sure airlines deny boarding to drunk people all the time, but also airline staff get training to know the fucking difference between someone who is drunk and someone who is in diabetic shock. Also an airline could never get away with kicking off a group of unaccopanyed minors, even if they were put in the custody of police.

Amtrak should be ashamed of them self. If this were my children, I would have that the head of someone at Amtrak on a stick a la "Lord of the Flies". Also, I would have a shit storm so big brewing that Amtrak would wish that the event had never happend.

One of the fathers of 2 of the children is considering filing a lawsuit against the rail carrier, and I say rightly so. Also, the iPod was found later ON THE FREAKING TRAIN.


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Jul. 26th, 2007 12:22 am (UTC)
Totally, totally dumb!

Airlines are usually better, but did you see the story where a Continental stewardess kicked off a mother and her young son because the kid kept saying, "byebye, plane."

All of the passengers did NOT care, either. They either thought it was cute or just didn't mind. . .and yet the stewardess kicked them off!

Compare this to my flight back to Lake Charles from Phoenix where a lady made the noise worse with some stupid toy that constantly played one little clip from that DDR song "Butterfly" and it was better to just hear the kid cry. She did this ALL the way back to Houston. . .talk about a headache!

Stein Auf!
( 1 Person Thought — Tell Me What You Think )


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