Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

July 4th, Day of Defiance...

Ok, so my 4th of July has really not been a "Day of Defiance", but I have had to deal with the police for two different reasons.

Today I had to drop by the office since our servers never rest and still need to be backed up daily. So on my way to the office the frontage road on the freeway (which is how I get to my office) was closed down by the police and they were directing people to get back on the interstate.

Well my problem with this was that the next freeway exit is about 2 miles away, and that would cause me to go about 5 miles and 10 minutes out of my way, which would have doubled my commute to my office today when the road my office is on is less then a 10th of a mile from where the police had the frontage road closed. So I pulled long side where once of the police was redirecting traffic onto the interstate and the whole time he kept trying to get me back on the interstate. So I motioned to him and told him where my office was and that was where I was going to, so he let me past and I got to my office.

Then tonight on my way home from a 4th of July party I had been at on the west side of town, the police had the left turn lane from Paseo Del Autobahn, I mean, Paseo Del Norte onto Jefferson closed due to the Freedom Fourth event at Balloon Fiesta Park which was expected to bring out over 100,000 people this year.

For those of you playing the home game, the area I bought my house is right near the Balloon Fiesta Park, which is where they hold the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta and any large event in the city. Any time there is a large special event at the Balloon Fiesta Park they close lots of roads in the area to deal with the influx of traffic and we get these really nifty Community Access Pass's that make you feel like you are a VIP when you really are not. LOL. The best way I can describe living near Balloon Fiesta Park is its like living by a major sports venue or something like that.

Anyway, the police had the left turn lane from Paseo Del Autobahn, I mean, Paseo Del Norte onto Jefferson closed except for busses and had the traffic lights flashing red in all directions as they were directing traffic at the intersection. But I had to take Jefferson because according to the Community Access Pass it was the only way I could get to my house (and they were not lying). So I pull into the closed turn lane and the cop sees me and starts making motions that I was in the wrong place. So I grab my pass off my dash (which is where they told us to place them) and flash it out the window at the cop and he figures out that I am a sucker that lives in the area and is just trying to get home the way they told me to get home.

So he motions to me to hold on. So I wait a little bit, then they stop traffic so I can make the turn and then I had no problems getting home from there. I have also figured out that once I get home when they are letting people out, that I really just need to stay home cus there was no way I could get out again due to traffic.

So ya, I really was not defiant today, but as far as I go it was my day of Defiance.
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