Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Update: My bags are home...

So tonight after dinner I had to go back down to the office to change backup tapes cus, well I never planned on being gone this long, and I never went home (only to work) after I got off the plane.

So since I was half way to the airport at that point, I figured I might as well take one last run down there and if they were not there, I would go on my lunch break or something like that and check on them.

So I got down there, found a parking spot and went in to the airport. Looked at where my bags should have been (they were grouped by flight #) and no dice. But at the same time a flight had come in, so I asked someone, and they said it had come from O'Hare.

So then I just started to look around a little bit more, and lone behold, there was one of my bags. So then I started to look a little harder, and sure as shit, there was my second bag.

So now I am done with that, and happy to be home.
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