Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Vacation Rocked! Going Home Sucked!

So my vacation up in Cleveland visiting my sister really was fun. It was nice to not be in the office (even if I was dealing with work crap) and being with my sister.

So going home sucked. Not so much having to go home beacuse it was the end of my vacation but cus it sucked going home. As I said in my post last night, my first flight to Albuquerque from DFW kept getting delayed and delayed, then cancled.

So the since I saw the hand writing on the wall, I had my father check and then book me a flight for today on Southwest. Well it was a good thing I did that, cus after talking with a gate agent, the first time they could have gotten me a confirmed flight would have been Saturday.

Anyway, I got my self a nice hotel last night for a very nice $120.00 dollars, but it had one key thing going, shuttles to both DFW and DAL (LoveField), so I saved taxi fare.

I get to LoveField this morning with no problems. Walk up to one of the kiosks and go to check in, only to be told that I have to go see a gate agent. So I walk over and stand in line, walk up to one of the kiosks infront of an agent and try it again, with the same message. So I say to the agent "Hey, it said I have to talk to you".

So he is like, "Try it again" and watches me just to make sure I am not a complete fuck-tard. So when it does it again, he kinda has a dumb look on his face and say to give him my confermation #, which I do. So he looks at stuff in the computer and then goes, "You are on a list", to which I say "FUCK, not again".

For those of you playing the home game, a while back I was on the TSA watch list for reasons that I still to this day do not know. Anyway, it for some reason looks like I am back on that list. When you are on this list, you have to be cleared by a agent before you can fly, just to confirm you are not someone else. Well, anyway, next week I will be contacting my repersentives in Washington to get that taken care of once and for all.

Anyway, he clears me to fly, and I get through security without issue. My flight was on time, and I even got an seat in the exit row, which on a southwest flight mean legroom, legroom, and more legroom. Dispite a rocky flight, it was a good flight and we got in ontime (for once). So I figure things are starting to look up for me.

Well fat fucking chance that was. I called my father as my plane was getting to its gate and told him to head down to baggagie claim to get a head start on looking for my shit, since it should have beaten me here. So, I get down to baggagie claim, meet my father and we can not find my bags.

At this point, I just figure my bags have not made it yet so we leave the airport and my father takes me to my office so I can get some crap at work done. After work my father picks me up, and we run back over to the airport to try and find my bags again.

But again, nothing. So I go ask at the baggagie office, and they have not a clue. So on top of everything else on this trip, they fucking lost my bags. Yep, lost my bags. Makes mental note to write a letter to American Airlines telling how much they suck! Ok, I will say it nicer then that, and ask that they infuse my AAvantage account with some more miles or something, but damn this trip has sucked ass. At this point I dont even care about money, ok, I lie, I would love the money to pay for all the added cost of this trip, but for now, I would take more miles in my account.

So ya, I think you are all now caught up on my life and how much the last 36 hours has blown for me.
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