Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Monday x 2 = Crap Week

So right now, this week has been nothing but full of Mondays. No, I am not Bill Murray and I am not living life like its Groundhog Day, but it does feel like it.

Monday (the first one) we had problems with our A/C unit in the server room. Here is the thing, any other place in the building, if we lost the A/C unit, ya, we are hot and it would suck, but its not really a big deal. Our server room on the other hand is a whole other story. Normally it is kept it at 65 degs which might be cold by some standards, but for a server room it’s really not that cold. If I could do it with out icing the unit up, I would keep it at 60 degs.

Anyway, last Friday I noticed that the air in the server room was not quite at its normal 65 degs, but at 69 degs, which is still an ok temp for the room. I just wrote it off due to the fact that it’s gotten much warmer in the last week and that I had the door to the server room open a lot on Friday. But I did make a mental note to monitor it, just to make sure. Well, over the weekend it did much of the same, but it seemed to hold steady around the high 60's, so I really was not worried.

Monday rolls around, and in the middle of the manic mess that Monday was I check the temp and discovered that it was almost 74 degs in the server room. I went down stairs, and talked to our service manager, who just told me to grab one of the unlucky guys who happened to be at the shop at that moment in time. Well, Wayne drew the short straw so to speak. He looked it over and a little later told me to turn the unit back on.

After 15 or 20 minuets I went back into the server room to make sure it was working. I put my hand up to a vent and felt no air moment. Being that I do have my off days, I made sure that I did not forget to turn the unit back on. I called Wayne back and told him. We blew the fuse. Wayne replaces it, gets everything put back together and it starts to cool. Temp starts to drop like it should, everything is good and dandy.

So fast-forward to Tuesday (AKA, Monday #2). Working away in my office when I get a phone call from one of my coworkers. She tells me that I need to get with another co-worker to order him a new laptop. So, I ask if he dropped his, to find out that his company van was broken into this morning, and they made off with lots of stuff, including his laptop, PDA, a bunch of tools, a GPS unit, stereo, and a plasma cutter.

Right away I order a new laptop from Dell. Then I start tracking down everything else, and running around like a mad man. I would say that today, I spent close to 2,000 dollars and that was just for the laptop and PDA. In the middle of this, the A/C screws up again. I tell our dispatcher, so a tech can look at it. I keep monitoring it and finally a tech is able look at it. Well go figure that as soon as he get there, the fucker starts working again.

The only good thing to come out of the A/C unit problem is that it has allowed me to buy a room temp system that will monitor the room temp and alert me when there is a problem. So here is hoping tomorrow is a better day and not another Monday, cus I do not know if I can take another day like this.
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