Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

How did I miss this: Acquired By CBS

So in between putting out perverbeal (sp?) fires here in the office (and trust me there have been plenty this week), I was looking at's new coperate blog when I read there post from Wednesday May 30th that they have been acquired By CBS.

Now I really do not have a problem with being acquired By CBS, except that it proves what I have known; Why build something when you can just buy what someone else has already built? LiveJournal was acquired by SixApart, Myspace by Fox, Youtube by Google, Photobucket by Myspace(fox), and now by CBS.

Now really, LJ has not changed much (I do say that loosely) since being taken over by SixApart. Myspace is still the same peice of shit that it was (Fox really has not done much there but maybe throw money at it), Photobucket is still Photobucket, and if anything Youtube has only gotten better since it was acquired by Google and became Goo-Tube. So why should be any different.

Really, it’s a testament to what Russ, RJ, and the rest of the group have built over the last few years. They started with only a dream, and through out all the growth, pain, and failures managed to build a very successful website that if anything has help spark a music social revolution.
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