Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

WTF Lowe's?

So when I bought my washer and dryer, I applied for and got a Lowe's Home Improvement Card cus well, it’s was 6 months zero interest. Well I hate paying crap by the mail cus well, I really do not trust the postal service here in Albuquerque and I am a techno-person who pays anything he can online.

So when I got the first bill, I went online and setup my account so I could pay it and had the first payment directly withdrawn from my bank account. Well, I kept waiting and waiting for the payment to come out of my account and it never did. Well a few days later, I got an email from Lowe's that the payment had been rejected.

I was like, WTF! So I logged in, and saw something was off (I mistyped something), so I fixed the info and resubmitted my payment. Well I got notice yesterday that payment was rejected. Now to make matter worse, for some reason every time a payment is getting rejected I am getting hit with 20.00 "Returned Check Charges". Um, Lowe's need to get there shit together, cus I AM NOT PAYING WITH A CHECK! It is direct withdrawal; it works the same way that I get my paycheck (which is direct deposit).

Anyway, this time I know I had typed everything in exactly as my credit unions website said too, so I know it’s not my error. So I called up my bank and verified that everything was correct, and they said it was. So now when I get home this afternoon I have to bitch out Lowe's Consumer Credit asses and tell them to get there shit right. Also I am going to demand that they remove the Returned Check Charges since it’s not a matter of not having money in the account.

The even better part is that I also got my self a Target Card cus I got 10% some big ticket items I bought there for opening the card. Well, when I went to pay that online via direct withdrawal, using the same exact setup that I used with Lowe's, IT FUCKING WORKED! More proof that it’s not my error this time around. So ya, now I get to bitch Lowe’s out!
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