Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Picture Post - My Desk

This is my desk at work. I figured that since I spend 40+ hours and 6 days a week at this desk, I would show you where I spend a good part of my life.

PS: If this post or something close shows up more then once, no worries. I am having issues with many things tech tonight including (Safari, My Phone / Sprint, Email, and the list goes on). Normaly I would have just posted this stright from my phone, but for some reason my phone is being a ar-tard tonight and does not want to send post to LJ. So then I sent the message to my work email, and then tried to forward that to LJ, but that did not work cus Safari (hey, its still beta) was having issues with webmail. So finaly, I just did it the hard way, and used IE to get at webmail and then it freaking worked.

Anyway, part of me is expecting it all to come flooding in to LJ at some point when I will not be near a computer for long periods of time, like when I goto bed tonight. So if you see this message many times, no worries, I will clean it up next time I am on LJ.
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