Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

I have my moments...

Well I have my moments. I had just written a large entry about the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure and some other stuff and went to copy it out to word so I could spell check it (what, you really think I can spell that good? HA) and somehow I ended up loosing it all.

Its too freaking late to even think of retyping it, so I will just give you the short version here really quick.

I helped out at the Central New Mexico Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure again this year, and even with being on my feet, moving around, and doing very physical things for 7 hours and getting only 4 hours of sleep to be there at 5am, it was all worth it. I will do a full post sometime soon (like maybe tomorrow if I get time) about the race and everything that goes with that.

Around the house I am mostly unpacked and moved in. I replaced almost all the regual bulbs in my house with compact fluorescent (CFL's) bulbs. I figure that for every one old incondesent bulb, I can run 4.5 CFL's, so that should equal out to some energy savings, or maybe just more light. LOL. Right now, I am to the point that I have most of everything unpacked in the house, baring some bigger things and things I really do not use. But most of the day to day stuff is unpacked, and even has a place.

Vacation time. Yep that one I so freaking needed what, about a month or two ago I am getting. I am flying up to go visit my sister in Cleveland, OH. I leave early on the 23rd and return to town late afternoon on the 27th. I figured since I got a nice bump in my vacation time, I should start to use some of it since I no longer have to hord it like I used to. So it will be nice to get to see my sister again.

Well I think thats about it. Thats the short-er version of what I wrote, so ya. O well. Maybe its God's way of telling me that I did not need to post such a big entry. Anyway, its late here and I need to get me some sleep (I know, sleep, whats that?)

PS: I did not check spelling on this, for fear of pulling the same stunt and loosing all my work yet again. Um, fool me once, shame on comptuer. Fool me twice, shame on me! LOL.
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