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May 31, 2007 - Greensburg, KS

So a week ago I posted about Mark Schultz, the guy who is riding his bike across America on behalf of orphans and widows in need. If you don’t, you can read it here.

Anyway, since Mark and his crew were really close to Greensburg, KS, which is where they had that F5 tornado that almost completely destroyed the city of almost 2000 people, they thought they would tour the remains of the city and then do a benefit concert to raise money to help the city of Greensburg.

When they went to tour the city of Greensburg, they took there video camera that they are using to record Mark's whole trip, and took video of the city. I know that we have all seen pictures of the aftermath, but the video just add's a whole new level.

Watching the video, its almost hard to believe that only 12 people lost there life in this tornado. Just seeing the level of destruction (Ninety-five percent of the city was confirmed to be destroyed). Below is the video that Mark and his crew shot. All I can really say about the video is WOW.

My heart goes out to the family’s and friends of people in Greensburg, KS. I can not even think of what must it must be like to deal with something like this, and yet that is what they are doing.

You can send your donations to:
Red CrossPhone: 1-800-RED-CROS (733-2767)
Mail to: Red Cross Midway-Kansas Chapter
PO Box 3726, Wichita, KS 67201
Specify check for: Kansas tornadoes
Online: http://www.redcross.org

Salvation ArmyPhone: 1-800-SAL ARMY (725-2769)
Mail to: 3637 Broadway
Kansas City, MO 64111
Make check out to: Salvation Army
Online: http://www.armykettle.org

United WayMail to: Green for Greensburg Fund
United Way of the Plains
245 N Water
Wichita, KS 67202
Make check out to: Green for Greensburg Fund
Online: http://www.unitedwayplains.org/disasters/greensburgtornado.htm

South Central Community Foundation (local foundation raising money for rebuilding)Phone: 620-672-7929
Mail to: Greensburg Future Fund
South Central Community Foundation
PO Box 8624
Pratt, KS 67124

Catholic CharitiesPhone: (800) 919-9338
Mail to: Catholic Social Service
906 Central Avenue, Dodge City, KS 67801
Specify check for: Tornadoes
Online: http://www.catholiccharitiesusa.org

Convoy of HopePhone: (800) 988-0664
Mail to: Convoy of Hope
330 S. Patterson
Springfield, MO 65802
Make check out to: Convoy of Hope, Write “Kansas Disaster” on memo line
Online: http://www.convoyofhope.org

Church World ServicePhone: (800) 297-1516, ext. 222
Mail to: Church World Service
475 Riverside Dr, Suite #606
New York, NY 10115-0050
Make check out to: Church World Service, Write “Appeal 6294” on memo line
Online: http://www.churchworldservice.org

United Methodist Kansas Area Disaster FundMail to: Kansas West Conference
9440 E. Boston St, Suite 110
Wichita, KS 66207
Make check out to: Kansas West Conference, Write “Area Disaster Fund” on memo line
Online: http://www.kswestumc.org

Mennonite Disaster ServiceMail to: MDS Bi-national Office
1018 Main St
Akron, PA 17501
Make check out to: Mennonite Disaster Service
Online: http://www.mds.mennonite.net

Christian Reformed World Relief CommitteePhone: 1-800-55-CRWRC (552-7972)
Mail to: CRWRC
2850 Kalamazoo Ave
SE Grand Rapids, MI 49560
Make check out to: CRWRC, Write “Spring Storms 2007” on memo line
Online: http://www.crwrc.org

Kansas/Nebraska Convention of Southern BaptistsPhone: (785) 228-6800
Mail to: KNCSB – Disaster Relief
5410 SW 7th St.
Topeka, KS 66606
Make check out to: KNCSB, Write “Disaster Relief” on memo line


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