Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Mark Across America...

Mark Across America!

So one of my favorite CCM (Contemporary Christian Music) artists, Mark Schultz, is riding his bike cycle across the United States on behalf of orphans and widows in need. In 2½ weeks, Mark has raised nearly $70,000 on his quest across America. All of the money that Mark raises will go to The James Fund

I must say it’s really nice to see someone doing something to raise money for people in need. I am sure that Mark could just have had some concerts around the country in which part of the money goes to help people, but he decided to take a much different approach. He is ridding across the United States on his bike and holding concerts too, where all the money goes to help the orphans and widows. From May 6 through early July, Mark will bicycle from California to New Hampshire stopping along the way to perform concerts and special events.

Also something really cool that Mark and his team is doing is daily video blog updates on his site You can also track his progress on a map on his site too. I hope you will take a moment to check out his site, and if you are able, to give to his noble cause.

Watch Mark's Overview Video:
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