Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray


So I have moved in to my new home. I will post my new address / contact info in a friends only post in a bit. I must say that I am not sure it has sunk in yet that this is my house. Maybe it will when I soon start to unpack.

Yesterday, I had closing on the house at 9am, and then right after went over to the house to wait for the carpet cleaners to come. They came around 11:30am and took about 1 and 1/2 hours to clean the carpets in my house. Then once the carpet cleaners were gone, I took off for the westside to pick up the 20' U-Hall-Your-Own-Crap truck in Rio Rancho.

Once I had the U-Hall truck, I went to the office, and picked up a ladder and did some stuff really quick that I needed to do. Once I got done at the office I went to my apartment and started to load up the U-Hall the best I could.

My father showed up around 5pm and he and I started to load the U-Hall with all my junk. Went over to the house and unloaded everything from the truck and then went to dinner. After dinner was round 2, again loading up everthing else big into the U-Hall truck. Finaly we got done unloading the second load around 10:30pm.

Today we have the little stuff that is left. I hope, think that with 3 car (Mine, Dad's, and Mom's) that we can get all the little stuff in one or maybe two trips.

Also right now, I do not have internet access at my apartment. That should change by the end of this week, or middle of next week. I am not quite sure when Earthlink will get around to switching my service from my apartment to my new house.
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