Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

98% done...

So right now its 2:20am on Sunday May 13th, and I figure that I am about 98% packed. Right now, target closing date on the house is the 15th (might be the 16th), at which point I can start moving in. Cus I am a nice guy and trying to help my apartment complex, I am trying to be 100% moved out of my apartment by May 18th. It’s a long story (So I will try and make it short).

So back on April 1st, I sent my apartment complex a letter basically saying that I had put an offer on a house, and said offer was accepted. I told them that I knew I needed to give 30 days notice, but at the time I did not know when my closing date would be, so when I knew exact dates I would get them my 30 day notice.

Well jump to May 1st, and I sent my 30 day notice to my apartment complex with my last rent check for the month of May. Well when I got home late on May 2nd, there was a letter from my apartment complex on my door. I thought they were returning my rent check or something nice like that. Ha, little did I know.

They said that they had a problem with my 30 day notice, because they had already re-rented my apartment to someone else, and they were scheduled to move in on May 9th. See, they thought my April letter was my 30 day notice, but they were wrong. So the next day I went down to talk to my apartment complex staff, and basically got nowhere with them. I think they were looking to me for an answer when it was not my problem to answer.

So I called a few places here in Albuquerque and the State of New Mexico, and finally called the New Mexico Tennant / Landlord hotline. The person who answered the phone told me what I already knew, that I was in the clear based on the wording of both letters. As much as I already knew it, it was nice to hear it from someone else who knows what they are doing.

I never heard anything else from my apartment complex until May 9th. They said that the last date the guy could still be at his current place was May 18th (funny how it runs in groups of 9). So I asked my real estate agent if it was possible to move the funding date up to my closing date, or at least move in on my closing date.

So she asked the sellers real estate agent, and she said it was no problem. So right now I am doing my best to be out by the 18th. So what should have been a half way relaxed move is now going to be a mid-week rush. O well, such is life I guess?

So I must say that it’s nice to be 98% packed. Also I have been trying to clean as I go, so its not like I am 98% packed, but the place is a mess. I still have some minor cleaning to do and stuff like that, but at least I am doing with the major packing.

Today I spent around 4 hours or so this morning packing and then another 4 this evening. The last 3 or 4 nights I have been up until around 2am packing each day and today is no different. Anyway, this post is much longer then I had planned on it being, so with that, I will bid you all a good night.
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