Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Microsoft Gives Students, Teachers, and Schools Ok To Use Pirated Copies of MS Software...

Ok, not really, but might as well be damn near close. I was reading a a story on CNN.COM today when I came accross a great quote said by Microsoft in a company statement.

" 'Our interest is not in prosecuting schools or teachers, it is in helping students develop the technology skills they need in the 21st century,' the company said in a statement."

So as long as you are a school, teacher, or student using Microsoft software for educational reasons, you can run pirated copies with no worries. Hell this should cut school districts software budgets down really fast. LOL.

Bascily the way it sounds from Microsoft, is that so long as its used for education they dont give a rats ass. One could wonder if that would hold in a court of law (ya, I doubt it) if you could prove you only used it for school stuff. LOL. Now I for one am not about to test this theory. All my shit is legal and that is the way I like to keep it.
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