Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Go Crazy? Dont Mind if I do!

So ya, I think that I am starting to loose my mind. Just a little. LOL.

This past week was the last week of classes and next week is finals week. I've only got two finals, but they are both at 7:30am on Monday and Wednesday. I am still trying to figure out why both of my finals are at 7:30am when my classes are at 9am and 10am?

Hell for that matter why does UNM even allow finals to be held anytime before 8 or 9am? Do they really think that we are awake? Do they also realize what time we have to wake up at to be on campus for these finals? For those of you who do not know, UNM is mainly a commuter school, which means that most of the students do not live on or really near campus.

I think if I remember right, only around 3,000 of 25,000 students live on campus, which means the rest of us suckers have to drive in. I am very lucky in that I have parking right across the street from campus. Most people are not that lucky and that they have to park at one of the remote lots and then take a shuttle bus in. From what I have heard, that adds another 30 to 45 mins just to park and get to campus.

So anyway, for my finals I like to be on campus about 30min before my final so I can get where I need to be and get settled and be ready for the final. So for my 7:30am finals, I will need to be on campus no later then 7:00am, which means I will have to leave my apartment no later then 6:45am. That means I will have to be up and moving no later then 6:00am which for means my alarms will start going off around 5 or 5:30am.

So ya, why does UNM think that we can be ready to take a final when we are getting up at 5am'ish to make it to campus for the final? This university has never stops amazing me sometimes, and not in the good way too.

In other news it looks like I am now scheduled to close on the house on May 15th. I had to change lendors due to some issues back around the end of April. The good news is that since almost everything has been done (inspections, appraisal, that type of stuff) it should be really easy to get the get this finished by the 15th.

So I am still (slowly) packing all my crap. Minus the big stuff and my kitchen, I would say that I am maybe 60% packed. I sware how much crap do I really own? I also now remember why I do not move more often cus, well, I really hate packing and crap. Right now I am to the point where I need to clean and pack so I can take care of all the stuff on and around my desk and dinning room table. LOL.

My kitchen I think will get packed at the last possible second since well, I still got to eat right? I must say that my apartment is getting messier as I pack which I am not sure if that is a good thing for a bad thing.

Anyway I think that is the update for now. I am getting stir crazy, so I think I might get some clothing on (well clothing I can go outside in) and find something to do cus there is nothing to watch on TV and well, with a lot fo stuff packed, nothing much to do around my apartment.
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