Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

UNM's Crack IT Department...

So here is a story from our campus newspaper "The Daily Lobo" which is about our ITS ((Information Technology Services) department at UNM. Um, all I have to say is "Glad I dont work there". Read on and find out why:

"ITS is getting a power upgrade for almost $1 million that will allow it to host more than twice as many servers, raising the number from 256 to 544.

The upgrade, which starts the last day of finals, is past due, and the department is dealing with technical difficulties, such as a broken circuit breaker, Barrett said. 'It's just been years since we've this kind of a window to a large upgrade,' she said. 'We already are seeing system failures because of the overheating.'

The department will get a new transformer that will be outside of its building to prevent overheating, Barrett said. If any of the servers crash before the upgrade, it would be trouble for UNM, she said. There is a 50 percent chance at least one of the servers will crash before May 12, Barrett said."

So now we are going to start taking bets about which system crashes before May 12th. Anyone want to take a stab which service crashes?

¢ Banner (Grades & Registration backend system)
¢ Division of Government Research
¢ eHire
¢ eJobs
¢ Webmail
¢ Extended Learning
¢ GroupWise
¢ Campus Internet
¢ Libros (Library)
¢ LoboCard
¢ LoboWeb (System used to access grades / registration system)
¢ MyUNM (Portal)
¢ UNM Ticketing
¢ WebCT (Online classes)

Let’s see, if I was going to put some money on this, my best guess would be the big ones: Banner, Campus Internet, LoboWeb, WebCT, and Division of Government Research. If any one of these systems went down we would have huge issues on campus.

Banner & LoboWeb are kind of a 2 for 1 package. If one goes down you are not getting the other. The reason is that one is the front end (what the use sees) and the other is the backend (where the data is stored). These services are also what handle everything for our classes (Grades, Registration, Etc) and would be a huge disruption to us students trying to check grades on classes, and to our profs who are trying to put grades into the system. My only hope, the system crashes, and they loose all my bad grades but not the good ones. LOL.

WebCT is how a lot of online classes are done and how a lot of profs do weekly quizzes and stuff for physical classes that we all take. Some profs even use WebCT for there final exams and I could see it going down just before finals. I am sure that would just hose everything really good.

I think Campus Internet speaks for its self. It’s the internet access campus wide and the dial up systems that UNM offers to staff and students. Um, again another bad thing to go down but not as bad as Banner / Loboweb or WebCT.

And somehow "Division of Government Research" could not be a good thing. As much as it would not affect the masses, it would screw a lot of stuff up on campus. We are a research university and a we get a lot of money in government grants that I am sure would be in jeopardy if those servers where to crash. LOL.

So ya, this is the crack University I go to. Kind of makes one wonder about a lot of things when our computer system is in such a fucked up state. Granted, I only run a fraction of the servers that UNM does, but I do not have a 50% chance of failure which really in the IT biz is just freaking not acceptable.
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