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The Company I Work For...

So I have often described the company I work for as "Corporate America, If Corporate America was run by NASCAR", which really is an accurate way to describe the company I work for. Heck, we are a service company for peat sake.

Anyway, I had to send an email to one of our vendors to get something done, and I CC'ed one of my coworkers since it involved him. So checking my email a little later I noticed I had a reply from my coworker and all it said was:

"Grassy ass moo cha cho"

I about fell out of my chair laughing my ass off. Since my office looks over a good part of the office (my office is on the second floor, with windows that look out over the shop) I looked to see if my coworker was still in his office. He was just shutting his door, so I yelled down to him that I liked his reply. We both started to laugh.

Yep, that’s the type of company I work for, and I must say that I love working here!

PS: 10 points for who ever can guess which coworker this was. LOL
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