Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Home Sweet Home (well close to it)

Well I am home (Well home as in back in Albuquerque) after spending the last 4 days driving all over Gods green earth (and boy is it green). I must say it is very nice to be back as I am tired of being in a car which is what a lot of this weekend was spent doing.

We (my father and I) drove out to his brothers house in Mooreland, OK to take care of some family things. Over the past 4 days (really 74 hours) we put over 1200 miles on the car, and about another 500 on a car that was my great aunts that we brought back with us.

So right now I am at my parents house since I had some stuff in my car that I needed to drop off. Soon I am going to leave and fight reverse rush hour to my place (which since I am going in reverse of most people, it should not be as bad) and unload my shit.

After that I get my crap in my apartment I am meeting a friend for dinner. Then tomarrow its back to the freaking daily grind and back to school. I did stop at work for an hour on my way back into town and will have to go back down for a bit tonight to take care of a few things that I need to do.

In other news, what looked like it might have been a deal breaker for me buying the house now looks like its not going to be as big of an issue. There is still some other crap to deal with in regard to this issue. Sorry I am being so vague but until this gets all cleared up I am kinda keeping my mouth shut. Long story, but I will post more once this all get taken care of (sometime this week).

Well I that is it for now. I've got some fun stuff to post, but I will do that later.
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