Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Remember that vacation?

So you all remember that vacation I was bitching that I wanted a few days ago? Well I am kinda getting one. "Kinda" being the key word there. I leave around 11am Friday, which is when my last class gets out. My father and I are driving back to Oklahoma to take care of some family things.

So its a nice break to get away from everything, but at the same point, its no Cabo San Lucas. LOL. Now this is tomorrow (in theory. It’s just past midnight on Thursday here), and I am no where close to being ready for this trip.

Another thing still in question is when do I come home? I was originally going to drive home on Monday, but my Sociology professor has said that the review for the final will be on Monday or Wednesday. I hope he freaking figures it out by Friday morning, so I know now if I have to come back on Sunday or if I can take an extra day and stay until Monday.

So that is life for now. The house stuff is moving along very nice and when I have a real update about that, I will let you all know. O, 2 weeks left in school, and I am kinda freaking out cus I close on the house (or should close) right around the same time as finals. I know, great schedule right?
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