Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Picture Post: Jiffy Lube

So one of the Jiffy Lube's here in Albuquerque is on a very high traffic street and also has one of the best marquee's around ever. They are soo freaking funny its a act of God that many people have not crashed there car's in that area laughing from the marquee's.

Well today when I was on the way to my parent’s house, I busted up laughing at the marquee and both sides were too funny to not share with the group.

Now unless you are from the ABQ metro area, I will have to setup both pictures. First off we have a commuter rail line here called the "NM Railrunner". Well a few weeks ago there was a Bosque fire that burned really close to the railroad tracks. Well one of our local news agency’s (KRQE) has video of the rail runner going right thru the smoke and fire. You can watch the video here:

Also here in recent months there was a new animal ordnance passed called "HEART". Basically it requires ALL dogs and cats (maybe other animals too) in the city limits to be spayed / neutered and have a tracking micro-chip installed. Now, if you want your pet to stay "intact" down there, then you can pay a fee of $150.00 per year. The ordnance has caused a great debate that I will not get into in this post, but to say the least who ever creates the marquee's for this Jiffy Lube must have an opinion about the new ordnance.

Anyway, so here are the two pictures for your enjoyment!

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