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And we wait again...

So this afternoon I put an offer on a house. For those of you playing the home game, I started to look for homes last summer (even putting offers on 2), but did not get any of the ones I had put offers on. So since this past summer, I have kept looking at / for houses, but most of the stuff on the market was utter crap.

So mid-week, my realtor sent me an email that there was a manufactured home that was for sale in the area I wanted and on the high end of my cost range. So I looked at the home on Friday afternoon and knew it was the one I wanted. So, I called my parents to see if they were free today to go look at it with me.

So my parents meet my realtor and I at the home and we went thru it. They basically told me what I already knew, and told me to put an offer on it. So, after a quick stop at my apartment to grab my checkbook, I took off for my realtor’s office.

Doing the paperwork took a few hours (which is normal) and I signed and initialed more times then I can remember. So there is a chance I might hear back tonight, but they have until 5pm tomorrow (Sunday) to get us a response.

So right now, I am a total wreck again (I would like to think I hide it well) and can not wait for the response. I hope I get it and only time will tell. It does scare the living crap out of me to buy a home. Not so much the act, but the money involved as I have never spent this type of money before. Hell, my down payment will be 20,600 (if they accept my offer) which is the most money I have ever parted with so far in my 22 years on the planet. But since I am trying to put so much down, it will keep my monthly payments really close to what I pay for my apartment now.

But I am still very excited and hope they accept my offer. So, if I find anything out, I will let you know. Wish me luck (which I hope I will not need).


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