Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

CNN Video: Albuquerque Police Runaway Bride Recruiting Ad

So the ABQJournal story I posted about yesterday about APD using the Runaway Bride in their recruiting ad has been picked up by CNN and many others. Well turns out that KOAT also did a story on the nightly news and CNN picked up there video.

So here for your viewing enjoyment is the video from CNN:
CNN Video: Runaway Bride Recruiting Ad

Also as a plus, the video also shows the Runaway Brides "walk of shame" thru the Albuquerque Sunport with a blanket over her head. It turns out that the news story has been the best advertising that APD could ask for. There has been something like over 60 articles written about this story (the ad) and countless numbers of people calling about joining APD. It also helps that the whole Runaway Bride thing not only got major national news coverage, but also world-wide coverage too.

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