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What in the hell is up with our bloody State Senators? The State House came back, worked their collective ass off (even pulled an all nighter) to get thru the special session crap and now the Senate keeps fucking off by adjourning every 3 days, just after 5min from when they convened (Every 3 days is the legal max they can go).

I understand that they just finished a very productive 60 day session and they are all tired, but it’s still no damn excuse for what they are doing. They are all acting like little 2 year old babies that they must be. If they are trying to piss off the voters so they do not get reelected, then job well done. But, if they just freaking buckled down, got their shit done, then they would be done with it.

Now I am not saying they have to pass anything or everything that the house did. There are some things that I would really like them to pass, but hell, I would like to see the State Senate do their freaking job that they got elected to do even more. Even if they just went in there, voted everything down, then I would be happier then them trying to get out of their job by just adjourning.

Anyway, I hope that the Senate will do their job like we all elected them to do and get their business done. But for now, if they keep acting like babies, I will not reelect any of them come next election.


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Mar. 25th, 2007 06:00 pm (UTC)
As much as I agree with you and think the NM Senate was acting foolish, they had a good point about the governor calling for an "emergency" legislative session and then skipping town for several days of presidential-election fund raising -- it was inappropriate for him to do so. Even if he hadn't skipped town to do more fund raising, you don't call a special legislative session because all the stuff you wanted passed, as a governor, didn't get passed by your legislative branch.

But again... seriously - the session was called, go in and do your job. Bitch about it, if you want or need to, but just do your job. You're going to look better for it, and you're going to continue to have the support of your consituents. The whole situation is quite silly.
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