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Dinner tonight

So, my meeting with Nextel ran to 5:30 PM, and let me tell you, they have some really cool shit. Like, GPS tracking systems that are embedded into there phones, and the ability to do timesheets over there phones, and other really cool stuff, like backend integration with our database, so that our Techs in the field could get work orders sent straight to there phone, and have driving directions provided in that work order. Very fun stuff, anyway, on to the really reason for this post.


So, after the meeting, I called my parents, and asked them what they had going on for dinner, since after that meeting and other stuff, I did not feel like cooking. Plus, a free meal is a free meal. LOL. So, my dad told me that, mom was not home yet, but that they were going to go to the local Chinese buffet in the mall. I said that was cool with me, and that I would be to their place around 6:30 pm. So, I get there, and mom beat me home. So, then my mom asks if we wanted to try "Bombay Grill"(Click for review), an Indian restaurant not too far from my parents house. So, since I had never had Indian food before, and I'm not one for really spicy stuff, even thou I grew up in New Mexico, I did not know. But, I did say yes. I'm very glad I did. It was O, so good. I had lamb chops, a mixed green salad, and some bread. Well, it was all very good. Don’t ask me to recall any of the names, how to spell them, or how to say them. But it was damn good food.

So, that is all for this post, but I think with the last post and this one, I have written enough.

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