Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Bruce Almighty and The Server...

So tonight I was watching Bruce Almighty and I forgot how much I really just love this movie. I really think this movie has to be one of Jim Carrey's best movies, right up there with The Truman Show Also I must say Morgan Freeman does a great job playing God. I love it when movies break the mold on what God must look like.

In other news, I was able to save the server and get it backup with a new hard drive. It’s been a really freaking long week, and of course it had to happen on my spring break when I had only planned on working like 3 days and goofing off on the other 2. As it stands right now, I have 53.5 hours so far, and still have to re-migrate the database back onto the main server and move the clients back onto the main server. I think I have about 2 or 3 hours of work left ahead of me to clean everything up that needs to be done before people start using the server again on Monday.

Now looking forward to next week, I know Friday will be a short day for me since I am going with my grandma and 2 of her friends to the opera that my parents are in. So I have to be at my grandma's house at like 3:30pm or something like that so we can go pick up her friends since they do not drive after dark, and then get to Scalo's Northern Grill up in Snob Hill, Nob Hill, for our 5pm dinner reservation. Then from there we go drive downtown for the Opera Southwest production of La Boheme at the historic KiMo Theatre.

That leaves me with what to do with the rest of the week. I figure I will have about 16 to 17 hours of overtime this week which equals about 24 to 25.5 hours since overtime is time and half. Now part of me knows that I can not just crap off next week cus crap still needs to get done at my job, plus I have to figure out what the hell happened with the server (still not 100% sure) and still will have a little clean up to do on the server. So ya, it looks like I will have one monster of a paycheck this week, which as nice as that is, still is no replacement for my spring break.

For now, I will just take next week as it goes and see what happens. Maybe I will take a day off next week and go for the drive I was planning to do this week. O well, at least I do not feel that bad, and I don't think my sleep schedule is that screwed up. LOL. Only time will tell next week.

Also this past week has not been my week and I also think its "Technology Hates Kevin Week" cus damn. Not only did our server go down at work, but the POS system at my old job had issues so I talked them thru how to fix it. Plus, last night my laptop had some major issues due to good old Microsoft and what I can only guess is a
WindowsUpdate gone wrong. Once I was finally able to download new updates, it all was fixed, but never less not how I wanted to end the week. Plus I am pretty sure my WiFi router is taking a dump and dieing a slow death. So that is just something else I need to fix / replace.

In addition to nothing with a computer chip working for me this week, I also figured out how to hurt my self pretty well. Monday was one of those days when you really just wanted to just role back over and go back to sleep. As I was getting in my car on Monday to head to work, I slammed by head into the corner of my door on the car hitting just to the left of my left eye. Really I am lucky that I did not blind my self, cus just a quarter inch to the right or so and it would have hit directly on my eye. So, hitting the door with my head did draw a very small amount of blood and caused my eye to swell. Some how I did escape this with out a black eye. It also hurt like nothing else. I really do not cry that offen from pain, but this made me want to just start to cry. Hell, last year when I did my ankle in, I really did not even cry during that.

So I think you are now all up to date on what is going on in my life.
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