Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray


So I was able to restore the Dynamics GP server by 2am since I am a freaking genius.

I am too tired to get into how I did it, but it was a stroke go genius, thats for sure, and I will have to remember it, cus it will make disaster recovery a whole hell of a lot faster!

Anyway, its now 2:30am, I just got done writting a memo to the company about what happend and all that crap. I've only worked 16 hours in one day. So much for trying to take it easy this week. LOL. O well, such is life I guess.

Anyway, I am freaking tired. Time to go home and sleep!

PS: If you are thinking of calling me tomarrow for what ever reason, please do it after the 12pm MDT as I will not be up and moving until that time. (hey, I am going to bed at 3am, I want my sleep!)
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