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Got to love e-mail.........When it does not work.........

YES, I LOVE E-MAIL. Ok, so I do love it, but not when it wants to be a pain in my ass and not work. I know that it is on a remote server and there is nothing I can do of that, short of running my own e-mail server, which is more then I really want to do. So, the second thing you all need to know, is I'm not talking personal e-mail, or work e-mail.

I'm talking about the e-mail at church. So, Kathy, our youth director, calles me at 5:30 PM tonight, and I had just gotten out of a metting at work with the guys from Nextel. So, I was talking with my boss about a few things, so, I did not answer the phone. So, she leaves me a message, and calles me right back, before I had a chance to check her voice mail, so I answer the phone. Kathy was like "My e-mail wont send, and it has to get out tongiht". I was like ok, I will check it out.

So, after having dinner with my parents (which is another post), I finaly got to the church around 10:30 PM, and sure as crap, it was not sending. So, I check the settings, & the DSL, and they are all right, so I go the main computer, and try to setup my account, and samething, it can't send. So, I then check the earthlink network status page, and they have a message that two citys might have problems with e-mail, one is Albuquerque and the other is some other town. So, it figures, Albuquerque has to be on the list. LOL.

So, I leave Kathy a note, and tell her why it did not work, and that it should go out sometime tongiht, when they get the server working again.

So, thats my story about e-mail.

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