Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Server Woes...Woe is ME!

So getting ready to leave the office tonight at 7pm and head home, I log onto our big main SQL Server that runs our Dynamics GP Server Sofware to change the backup tape when what do I find, another fucking RAID event. Yes, another one. Now granted, it has been a while, but still, I thought I had this problem fixed.

So I make lots of backups of shit, cus I've been down this road before, and I was sure as hell not about to loose data like the last time. So I did my many different backups to many different places (Tape, Disk, Other Server) and take the server down for a reboot (the only way to get the drive to rebuild).

But I reliase my worst fear (ok, second worst) and the damn server will not come back up. I've tried it all. Replaced the RAID card, moved RAID to another computer, and nothing. What puzzles me is we only lost one freaking drive. We are suppose to be able to loose 2 fucking drives before we even have issues. So right now I have no fucking clue what is going on with it.

But what I am in the middle of doing is an emergency upgrade to Dynamics 9.0 on our old 7.5 backup server that I had never had the time to get to 9.0 and was one of my goals for this week. So I am trying that, which is going to be fun. Bascily I am trying to fit what took me mostly 2 mostly full days of work, and trying to get it done by 8am Tuesday morning.

Right now I am trying ever short cut that I know before I have to suck it up and do it the long way. My goal is that worse case I will have this place back up and running on something by Noon on Tuesday at the latest.

Now since I am going to try and have everything up in 8 hours, or 12 hours worse case, you can all guess what that means, no sleep for Kevin. So here in a bit, when the server gets to a point that I can let it go do its thing, I will escape out of here, run to wal-mart, and pick up a case of Mt. Dew and then run to my apartment for cot and sleeping bag.

So here is to another night in the office, and a long ass week when I was going to try and take it easy. O well, such is life right?
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