Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

New Mexico Joined the 21st Century Today...

So today New Mexico joined the rest of the country (minus one other state) with Gov. Bill Richardson singing a bill outlaws cockfighting. What should have been done years ago is now finally done.

I mean, why the fuck was this not done freaking years ago. State Sen. Mary Jane Garcia, has been introducing legislation to ban cockfighting for the past 18 years, and it just now passing? What the hell is up with that? Why does New Mexico always have to be a back-wards state that it seems like can never get anything right?

This legislative session it looks like me might get close to doing it right with Richardson signing the cockfighting bill and the hopeful signing of the statewide smoking ban.

So I think the Albuquerque Journal must keep a list of known "crazy’s" for each subject of story the write about, cus they always have the best ones. Today’s story is no different.

Ronald Barron, president of the New Mexico Game Fowl Association defended cockfighting as a family activity and said opponents were meddling. Um, ya cus nothing screams "family activity" more than a animal being bludgeoned to death by another animal. I don't know, maybe it’s just me, but somehow I do not think of cockfighting as something I would take the kids to go see. LOL

But as if that was not enough, he went on to say: "I'm so upset that it's damn near ruining my life," Barron said. "I've got 38 years doing this. I don't know if I should hatch off some baby chicks right now. This isn't a business. It's my pleasure. It's my right, or rather it was my right." Ok, let me just say this, You must be one sick twisted fuck if you get your jollies from killing baby chicks, or any other animal in a way that cockfighting does. Period!
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