Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

APS, Albuquerque, & Growth

I have figured out that the City of Albuquerque would not know planning if it bit them on the ass. I mean really, look at this city. Our bus system is joke, our roads are way past congested, I am not even sure they know what land use is and our impact fee system is a freaking mess. They think a planned community is just sprawl and rapid unplanned growth.

Take for example an article in the Westside Edition of the Albuquerque Journal from Friday March 9, 2007. The article was about how Albuquerque Public Schools (APS) is trying to plan for the future and work with a developer of a new Westside master planned community to make sure that land & money for schools will be there, so they can have real schools in place.

For once in APS’s history, I think they are trying to plan for the future and not play catch up like they have for the past 10 years or so. But the City of Albuquerque which I think is just pissed cus Quail Ranch was annexed by Rio Rancho in 2003 so they will not see the tax base does not see it that way.

This agreement had been delayed once before because some of the Albuquerque city councilors had voiced opposition to the agreement. Councilors Debbie O'Malley, Michael Cadigan and Martin Heinrich said in a letter that "Albuquerque Public Schools should not assist the developer of Quail Ranch in avoiding sound growth management and development practices called for in the (city's) Planned Growth Strategy,"…"APS should not support non-sustainable draw-down of our common aquifer. APS should not ignore the traffic congestion on the West Side that it will significantly aggravate if it chooses to support the development of Quail Ranch."

Um, I’m sorry, but when did it become APS’s problem to deal with traffic congestion or our aquifer. Um, cus its not there issues to deal with, it’s the cities. Yep, last time I checked it’s the city’s job deal with growth and traffic and aquifer type crap, not the school districts. Also these dumb asses need to realize that schools do not create these problems, lack of planning and lack of infrastructure on the part of the city and state does.

Really by not building schools in the area where there is new home development, that would make traffic worse as you would force the area residents to commute to these schools instead of having them in there area. But not according to the Albuquerque City Council who also said in there letter, "By agreeing at this time to provide schools in Quail Ranch, APS will become a primary force for rapid unplanned growth,"…"New schools foster new development."

So I am guessing that the city council is not getting the point behind “Master Planned Communities”, which is that they are planned down to the very last detail including roads, schools, parks, and community centers. I think the city council does not like Master Planned Communities because it makes them look bad. LOL.

See the City of Albuquerque for what ever reason has relied on the developer to build the cities infrastructure. That is why when you goto the Westside you see so many roads that go from 4 lanes to 2 lanes back to 4 lanes again, cus the developer of the property is only responsible for his/her portion of the road, only on there half of the street, which is why only half of a lot of Westside roads are built. So really the city created this mess them selves. Which is why I think they don’t like master planned communities, where all the roads within the community its self are complete to full build out.

Anyway, case in point, the city does not know the difference between planning and there asses. As I have said before, the city did not even have a planning office until 1975. If you look at the parts of the city that were built pre-planning office and the parts that were built post-planning office, the parts that are pre-planning work a lot better then the new parts.

Anyway that just my bitch for now.
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