Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Albuquerque Mass-Transit, Or Lack Of It.

Below is what I posted in response to a post over on "Duke City Fix" about the city council meeting tonight, and how the "Councilors unveiled a plan last week to cut millions of dollars from animal-shelter upgrading, the BioPark, Balloon Fiesta Park improvements and other projects proposed by Mayor Martin Chávez in a $160 million capital program."

Now granted, I really think we need most of what Marty wants, I really do, but also I can not support such stuff when we have crap like Paseo / I-25 / Jefferson and so on that this 160 million could fix right now! So read on, its kind of like a small novel, but so is most of what I post right?

"Lets take that 160 million to be spent on junk we don’t need and use it to fix our rush hour issues...Like Paseo / I-25 / Jefferson...Our bus system which goes nowhere...Westside everything else.

Normally I would be all for a streetcar, but not when it goes up Central. Sorry to all the Nob-Hill / UNM / Downtown / Old town people, but we are not serving the mass of the public by going up central with anything but a regular bus line.

Also, if we had a bus system that worked well, then I would support the streetcar, but right now, I am forced to drive cus I can not get from my NE Heights Apartment to UNM and then to my office (Comanche & I-25 area) when I need to. Therefore I can not support the street car.

Also, why must the regular bus line stop every 1/10 of a mile? I mean really? I am not saying that every bus line needs to be like the Rapid-Ride, but lets make stops every half mile or so. That way, people really only have to walk about .25 miles in each direction to reach a bus stop. Also, bus need to be a heck load more frequent then they currently are for the regular lines.

What we need is a way to get people to and from the Westside with out using there cars. I would support a Streetcar going from the Westside to the Journal Center area via a major existing river crossing, then downtown / UNM area, then to the airport. It does not have to be in that order and can in the future have spurs that go places (Like Nob Hill, Old Town, NE Heights, North Valley, and so on), but I think that really should be the plan to start out with. Then from the streetcar, you would use buses to get to and from your start / end points.

I will tell you right now, that there is only so many roads we can build before all hell breaks loose. Look at any major metro area, and you will see what I mean.

Also, this morning was a great example of why we need to move away from the car and also why mass-transit should be moved to its own road system. Rush hour was a big cluster bomb since Paseo was closed due to a roll over. If we had a train / streetcar / dedicated bus lane that was not in the general traffic lanes, the mass-transit would have moved right along passing everything.

Anyway, I will get off my planning high horse. But that is my 25 cents."

So those are my thoughts on this. Also, in the short term, I really think we need to take that second Rapid-Ride line they are trying to start, shove that down Montgomery / Montano (all the way from one side of the city to the other), then take the regular city buses that go up and down Montgomery right now, and move them on to the I-25 frontage roads all the way from Tramway on the north to Lead / Coal on the South. That would go a long way towards improving the bus / mass-transit system in this city.
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