Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Albuquerque Interstate Traffic Speeds...

So due to and the NMDOT, you can now see what our freeways are doing speed wise. has intergraded traffic data from the NMDOT into there Google maps stuff. Now this is not just for Albuquerque, but for 30 metro areas. It’s a color based system. Green means everything is moving fine, yellow / orange means traffic is heavy, but still moving. Red means it’s bumper to bumper, stop and go traffic. If there is no color, I have assumed that it means there is not enough traffic to worry about.

About 6th months ago I saw them putting put the speed sensors on I-25 and had hopped that the NMDOT would do something like this so that we as the consumer could see the data in realtime to make decisions about our commute home.

Now this is a new system, as Google just launched this on Feb 27th. I for one am excited about this, and hope Google grows the system to not only show traffic speeds, but also locations of traffic cams on the interstate (no they don’t fine you if you speed) and would allow you to look at the camera image.

But for now I can look and see if I-25 is a cluster fuck, just like it was today during evening rushhour as shown by the image at the left.
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