Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Verizon Wireless (again)...

So tonight I am taking some work home with me. I am going to start my letter to my Verizon Wireless Reps boss that I am requesting a new rep. Really I am half way surprised that I have not done this before, but then again I am someone who has great patience.

But I have had enough of his shit and lack of attention to our account with Verizon. I mean we pay them about $1,500 per month for wireless server, you would think that I might get a phone call one a month, or at least once a quarter making sure everything is ok?

Nope, no calls, nothing. The only time I hear from my rep is when I have sent him an email cus something is not working. Now that is when I am lucky enough to get an email back from him. As it stands now, I have sent him 3 emails, one well over a week ago and have heard jack from him. Also, one of these issues is an urgent matter or so I would think so. One of the NEW phones they got us October 2006 broke. They sent replacement phone, only its the wrong phone! So now I got a line that does not have a working phone on it for almost a week now.

So I am in the process of getting emails I need off my system that I need, so I can work on this crap at home since I really don’t want to work until 7pm like I did last night. I've had nothing but problems with our Verizon Rep and for that matter Verizon for the past 2 years and I have had enough.

Its funny, I do get some pleasure out of writing this type of letter, but at the same time I really do not enjoy doing this. Its kind of bittersweet in many ways. I am very anti-conflict. I will avoid conflict at all costs. Also I am a nice person and give people chances.

Well, I have given this fuck-off well more then enough chances.
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