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Verizon Wireless (again)...

So tonight I am taking some work home with me. I am going to start my letter to my Verizon Wireless Reps boss that I am requesting a new rep. Really I am half way surprised that I have not done this before, but then again I am someone who has great patience.

But I have had enough of his shit and lack of attention to our account with Verizon. I mean we pay them about $1,500 per month for wireless server, you would think that I might get a phone call one a month, or at least once a quarter making sure everything is ok?

Nope, no calls, nothing. The only time I hear from my rep is when I have sent him an email cus something is not working. Now that is when I am lucky enough to get an email back from him. As it stands now, I have sent him 3 emails, one well over a week ago and have heard jack from him. Also, one of these issues is an urgent matter or so I would think so. One of the NEW phones they got us October 2006 broke. They sent replacement phone, only its the wrong phone! So now I got a line that does not have a working phone on it for almost a week now.

So I am in the process of getting emails I need off my system that I need, so I can work on this crap at home since I really don’t want to work until 7pm like I did last night. I've had nothing but problems with our Verizon Rep and for that matter Verizon for the past 2 years and I have had enough.

Its funny, I do get some pleasure out of writing this type of letter, but at the same time I really do not enjoy doing this. Its kind of bittersweet in many ways. I am very anti-conflict. I will avoid conflict at all costs. Also I am a nice person and give people chances.

Well, I have given this fuck-off well more then enough chances.


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Mar. 3rd, 2007 10:40 pm (UTC)
My family has a share plan. Scanning your posts on Verizon I see our service problem are not so unique. We've been with them since they were Airtouch. We got a PTT (push to talk) service plan. Our phones, we were not told at the time, were not supported. My dad found out from the phone maker, Kiosera (sp?) that our phones that have bad software. They told my dad to go to a specific store in Albuquerque who had the update. We went no luck. So we went to Verizon's main office. They three times said we will send you new phones. Never has happened. Now they say they won't help untill we pay off our account. We've done this several times. Even agreeing to switch to LG PTT which the local stores "support." Yet we paid off the bill several times and no luck. As soon as we pay it off were leaving Verizon and going to Altel. Hopefully we'll have beter luck then.

Hope things work out with you, your work, and Verizon. They are really getting terrible about supporing thier customers/clients.
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