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More Dirty French Words

So, this is a follow up to my first post Things I have learned in french class!. I'm putting my standard disclamer back in here. Also, I did upload a new picutre icon thing, so thats why that is differnt. I will be switching back and forth between the old one and the new one. Just a little change. Anyway, here we go.

"So, this is my disclamer, if you can read french, and you dont like cus words, or if you can read english and do not want to see the traslations of the french cus words, then please do not read. But, this is fun, so please read on...."

So, being that I have like, the best French Prof at UNM, and the coolest French Prof at UNM, he teaches us some of the more dirty words in french. Now, I'm sure that James climbingthesun & Liz lil_soleil will correct me on anything that I have missed or messed up on.

faire l'amour --> To make love.
faire le con --> Act like an idiot.
la bitte --> Dick.
la queue --> A derogative word for dick, really means, "tail", but when used wrong, can mean dick.
foutre --> To fuck.
Qu'est-ce que tu fous la? --> What the hell you doing?

Now, this last one is not a cus word or anything like that, but never less, is funny. This was found in a french catalog.

Les Indestructibles --> The Incredibles.

So, that is my post for now. I need to head off to work, cus I have the rep for Nextel coming @ 2pm, to give us his sales pitch. So, that is all for now.

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