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Long time, no talk...

Sorry I have not posted in a few weeks, I have been busy with school, work, & church to name a few. I'm taking 15 credit hours at UNM, which I'm also working 22 to 25 hours a week. So, between school and work, I doing a full time job, then add in all the mettings that I have after work & homework, and I have no free time.

As for school, I like my classes. I have great profs & everyone in my classes seems to be cool. My only problem is that my Astro 101 class has like 300 people in it, but it's all good cus I know the prof in that class very well, and she is sooo much fun. I also had her for Physics 101 last semester. One down side is that I'm having to take French 101 again, cus I got a C- not a C. See at UNM you have to have a stright C or better to meet core requierments, so when u get a C- you have to take the class again, and it sucks. But my French prof is cool, and cus I have had the course once before, I understanding it more. I think the class that I'm most looking forward to each week is CRP 265, which is Community and Regional Planning 265. Which is planning methods and how we look at planning. So, our topic as we decided in class is sprall on the West Side of Albuquerque, and how it, with a lack of planning has led to the current situation in reference to lack of roads, and other stuff. So I think that class will be cool.

As for work, well what can I say, it's work. It's ok, but the boss was being a total butt on Friday. I mean that he was eather yealling at people or just not talking to u, so I hopped he would just not talk to me, cus I have had a bad week, but no he was yelling at me, so I about told him to shut the fuck up, but I bit my toung insted. I think was a smart decision on my part. LOL. But ya, work is work. Most of our projects have move into constrution phase, so now we are dealing with all of the RFI and ASI. FYI, RFI is Request for Information, and ASI is Archeturtal Service Insert. I think for the most part, we have avoieded a change order which is a very good thing.

In other news, church council had to cut one postion at chruch, and take our youth and family to half of her 2/3rd time job. So for u non math majors, she is only going to work 1/3 of 40 hours or about 13.5 hours a week. We had to do this to avoid budget problems that were really starting to get to be a problem. We then had to cut the rest (about 1800.00) from the benevolence line item. So, that just did not make for a good start to the week, I also should say that I have not had a free weeknight for like the last 3 weeks and then ontop of all that, on friday we find out that one of the workers at Tips Coffee Shop (the dinner we own), his brother died, and he was only a sophmore at Cibola High School. So it has been a hard week on a lot of people in the company. So, pray for all of us, as I think this week we all could need a bost.

So, I'm just a little down right now, but on the plus side my sister is intown, which is really cool. I really have missed her, which I knew I was going to do. So she and I have been hagning out a lot, which is cool. I had dinner last night with my Sister, and my Pastor (Erik) and his wife Kelly and there kids. It was fun time. We went to Outback which I think was a good way to end the work week and start the 3 day weekend. O ya, my company is going to be closed for Labor day which is soooo cool consdiering last year, I worked on Christmas eve. (not really by choice, but when the cops call your place at 4am, tell u that your office has been robed, u kinda need to go in and assest the damange and other things.

Well, I need to run, cus I'm supost to have lunch with my parents and sister at Wecks. So I need to go get cleaned up a little bit, and then jet over there. Then I'm off to a friends house, I helping her setup her new computer and trasfer her crap from the old computer to the new one. After that, I'm supoost to have dinner with my sister and parents at El Pinto. So it's another busy day.

With God's Everlasting Love and Grace,

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