Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Damn you interweb, damn you...

So I got home from work tonight around 7pm (I know, I worked late), did something, and went to fire up the laptop so I could nock some homework out. Hope on the interweb (internet), and it was slower then a rock. Sometimes it would be ok, but not blazing fast like it should be, and other times it was slow.

So I run a speed test, and run a couple and it seems the best I can get is around 400 Kbps download and the worst I got was around 20 kbps (which is about twice as slow as dial up). So I tried to chat with Earthlink tech support, cus I really did not want to sit on the phone with them. But with a very slow internet connection, that at times proved to be fun. But about 1 hour later I had a trouble trouble ticket filed with Earthlink.

So, I undocked my computer, and hooked up an ethernet cable to my router so I could do some more testing on the internet connection, and lone behold, it was blazing fast, like 2mbps, which is faster then the 1.5mbps that I should be getting(I did peak at one point tonight at 4mbps on a speedtest). Now its back down to where it should be, around 1.1 to 1.4 mbps.

So I thought, maybe it was just the wifi in my router was going. So I unhook the wifi cable, switch back on the wifi and its still working.

So thats it for now. I am pissed, but happy its working.
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