Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Life and such...

I bought a new laptop last week and its due to be delivered on Wednesday. Its nice and it will replace my current laptop which is not serving its purpose right now. I like having a laptop over a desktop as when I travel (which is quite often considering I am a college student) I can take my whole computer with me so I have all my data with me too. But my current laptop is 8, almost 9 pounds which may not seem all that heavy, but it is. Not only is it nice to have for travel, but its really nice to have for school so I can take notes. But with this beast, its so freaking heavy I never want to take it to class, cus my backpack tops out around 25 to 30 pounds. Its like lugging a small child around with you everywhere.

My new laptop (a Dell D620) should be around 4.5 pounds and its thinner too, so that should help when I am carrying it with my school books. I plan on taking this thing with me to class so I can take notes, cus let me tell you with my hand writing, um, ya it just does not work. So I can not wait for that thing to arrive as I am very stoked about it. I am giving my old laptop to a friend who really needs a decent computer (which it still is).

In other news, due to some projects I had at work last week, I ended up working 36.5 hours for the week. Add that on top of my 13 hours of classes at the University and I was one tired puppy this weekend. I am still getting caught up on my sleep (see how well thats going?). Even with working all that time, I have managed to stay on top of my schooling (which is a very good thing).

School, yes, for those of you who did not get the memo, and that is a large # of you, I am back in school this semester. I think it will be a good semester as I have really good profs this time. I am still no closer to knowing what I want to do in life, but do we ever really know what we want to do? Even still, I am not any closer to which filed of study I want to do. Its still a 3 way tie, with maybe a chance of a 4th idea.

My 3 main ideas are Architecture, (CRP) Community and Regional Planning (Urban Planning), and IT / CS / Computers. The 4th one that I keep tossing around in my head is business. Part of me has discounted that (for what reason, I have no clue) but it keeps hanging in there, and thus not making my decision any faster, better, or easier.

Part of me says throw them all together with this Architecture / CRP thing with a use in Technology, but I would be bascily making my own program which is not something high on my list due to all the UNM Bullshit you have to go thru. This could not be done by getting a BUS (Bachelors of University Studies) as those are more broader subjects and I do not think Arch or CRP would allow that. Also I really do not want a BUS degree as it would be hard to use it. I think a bachelors in Architecture, Planning, or IT would look much better then a BUS anyway.

So ya thats that. Life does not help me also. I still freaking love my current job (Systems Administrator) and loved my last job (Commercial Kitchen Designer). I've also over the years had a chance to do planning work and I love that. The problem is its all equal as well. My love for Computers is equal to my love for Planning is equal to my love for Architecture. If this was a math equation it would look like this:

      Computers = Planning = Architecture.

Well I really should be getting to bed, but thats where life is at right now. I am not even going to start on the church stuff right now as that really needs to be a whole other post. But ya, all that crap is going on right now which does not make anything easy to say the least. Maybe if I get some time tomorrow I will do a post about it. Who said life was easy, right? LOL.

Peace out!
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