Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Snow and Computers...

Friday night’s snow storm was a fizzle for the most part. We did get an inch or two here in the metro, but nothing like the 4 to 8 they we planning on. Most of it has melted already and really was not that bad. I could handle more snow storms like these where they really do not screw up the roads here in the metro. Roads leading out of the city where a whole other story. I think at one point, you could not leave the metro area in theory. I mean, most of the interstates were open, but they were snow packed and icy which is never fun.

The fun is expected to begin again tonight when our 6th snow storm in 5 weeks is expected to hit us. Since its expected to come tonight it should make driving very fun for getting to class in the morning. Snow is expected to continue into the day tomorrow so ya, lots of fun. That was the problem with the last storm and why it did not make things that bad. They were expecting the bulk of the snow to fall during the night (which it did not), so ya.

So now I guess I will have to get up earlier then I was expecting and give my self plenty of time to get to class in the morning.

Also right now I am looking at buying a new laptop for my self. My old one is serving and has served me really well, but I need something that is not such a brick, and something that I can take to class and take notes on. I hate spending this much money when I do have a laptop that works and serves me well, but its heavy as a brick and I am really not that inclined to take it with to class due to the weight it adds to my backpack. This is something that I have been struggling over for the past 6 months or so, and if I was / am going to do it, now would be the time.

I say now would be the time cus of the special Dell has going on. Really for what they are offering, and what my "budget" is, it’s a damn good computer. It a Dell Latitude D620. I have ordered a few of these for work here in the last 6th months, and I really love them. They are feature packed, light, and not that think. So I am torn. Being that I love having money in the bank, its hard for me to spend this much, but also its also not like this is going to send me to the poor house or anything like that. LOL.

If I do buy it, I need to act before Wednesday as that is when the special's change (as Dell's sales / specials change weekly). Now the funny part is that I know I get a discount on Dell thru the University. So I logged on, and priced it out using the University store, and they were like 300 dollars more then what the Small-Biz Segment was offering me. I just cracked up.
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