Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Damn Time Flys....

Damn, did I really only update once last week? I know I have been freaking busy, but wow. So I guess its time for the general life update that I have been lacking on here for a bit.

I was up in Cleveland for 11 days for christmas with my sister which was very fun. Cleveland had no snow (I know how sad) so no white christmas for Kevin like I wanted, but o well, what you going to do right? Coming home was a whole other story which has nothing to do with fun....

So I am all sure that you saw this post. Well we made it to El Paso stand-by (First Class Baby) on a flight at 12:50 instead of the 3:20 flight. From there I decided to ride up with the people who I got to know during all of this, since we got the earlyer flgiht out. So, I called up southwest and cancled the El Paso to ABQ flight I had booked just incase. So we made it in good time, and I got to the airport only about 30 mins or so after my parents did.

Then about an hour or so later, my grandma's flight came in. Its amazing how we were all scheduled to come home on different days and yet, we all made it in with in a few hours of each other. It was nice to be home, but never less I was exhaused to say the least. The next day I had to hump my butt at work to do year end close. That is what I should have done on the 1st, but since I was stuck in Dallas and not home, I could not do it.

From there we got yet another freaking snow storm (the 3rd one in 3 weeks), which is just insane. Then last week, hell, I do not even remember last week. Really its all just one big freaking blur. I remember some laundry and other stuff, but thats about it.

Then Friday, I left for the RMS Middle School Youth Gathering up in Colorado Springs, CO. I had been watching the weather all week since the whole region was suppose to get hit with another snow storm. So I made it up there ok. The only major problem I had was the 100 miles of fog from Las Vegas, NM all the way to the NM / CO state line. It was freaking unreal, when I got into Colorado, its like some had turned off the fog. Really, even dealing with 100 miles of fog, I made good time. I got up there in a little over 5 hours.

The gathering was really good and this year I got to sleep. LOL. I was a "Guardian Angel", which is bascily a gathering staff voltiurear who has many dutys. We interact much more with the youth then the gathering planning staff does. Bascily from sun up to sun down I was busy. I did get to hang with the youth from All Saints and Holy Cross of a bit, but other wise I was moving about the hotel a lot. I also think that I must have walked around 25 miles this weekend with the size of the hotel we are at.

As for weather, it as freaking cold. Our high temp the whole weekend was around 7 to 9 degs, with lows somewhere in the -10's. When you count in the wind chill, it was freaking cold. So it snowed a good part of friday night, Saturday was not bad, but Saturday night it started to snow again. When I got up on Sunday morning and checked the road conditions, it did not look good. Everything was open, but snowpacked and icy. So we did closing worship and all that fun stuff. I took off around 12:30pm, and found that the roads were not as bad as both Colorado and New Mexico had made them out to be.

In Colorado, at least one lane of 1-25 each way was clear and in New Mexico, both lanes were not only open, but freaking dry. Really the roads did not slow me down that much, and I made up for it in New Mexico as everyone was going faster then the posted speed limit. I think for once I was slower then most people. LOL

sprintpcs_cQaIR.jpgSo got home around 6ish, and got everthing unpacked from the car. Now since all weekend I had been driving in what bascily looked like meleted choliate on the roads, and some parts of the interstate home was not the best, my car looked more black then white. LOL. So today, I took it over to one of the local full service car washes, and I think everyone had the same idea, cus the line was freaking longer then shit. It took me about 30mins to get thru the line, and get the car washed. But now at least I have a clean car and not this dirty thing that looks like a car.

I start school tomarrow and I am not sure if I really want to or not. Now granted, I have never been the person to jump up and down and go "Yea, School". That person would be my sister. LOL. But I know I need to go back and all that other crap, but I really am not looking forward to class, and homework, and how much less free time I am going to have.

So I think that is it for now. I will try and be better about posting, since I have been bad about it since the new year.

PS: I will spell check this later....
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