Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Let the fun begin...

This weekend is the Middle School Youth Gathering in Colorado Springs, CO. For those of you who are not playing the New Mexico the home game, we are scheduled to get another large snow storm (our 4th in 4 weeks) starting tomorrow evening'ish.

So we shall see how far north I really get (I hope all the way) on Friday. So being that I value my life I spent this evening buying a whole bunch of crap that I would need if I do for some reason get stuck (Like Food, Water, Road Flares, and other snow driving crap).

Now I really do hope I do not get stuck in some snow bank, cus that would just really suck. But the good thing is that the whole trip is on I-25. No back roads, no other roads, I just get on the interstate here in Albuquerque and get off in Colorado Springs (Ok, I will get off a few times to get gas). But being that I am a worry wort, and sprint's coverage up north is not the best, I am also taking one of our Verizon cell phones we have at work.

In other news, next Tuesday school starts for me again. Yes, I am going back to school this semester. I had some issue getting the hold taken off my account, but its gone, I am registered, and all is good (I hope). My schedule is sort of locked in, but I am waiting for Friday night which is disenrollment (when everyone who has not paid get booted from the system) which should open up a lot of spaces in classes I need / want to take.

Other then being really busy out of my mind from getting caught up from 11 days of vacation, life is good. Now, give me a few weeks when school is kicking my ass, and see what I say about that "life is good" stuff.
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