Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Baby, I am coming home....

LOL. So I am going home. Not quite the way I thought I was going to go, but hell, I am going home. Right now, baring any other problems at this point I have a 3:20pm flight to El Paso, TX on American Airlines. From there, I have a 6:15pm flight to Albuquerque on Southwest Airlines. So, I had to pay 115 dollars (Southwest Flight) to get home, so what, at least I am getting home with in 24 hours of when I should.

Now if for some reason my southwest flight get's shit canned before I get there, I still do have the option of driving up from El Paso in a rental car. Now, granted, its not the first choice, but still an option, and a better one then sticking around DFW trying to get to ABQ on Standby. Also I think I might go over to DFW well before my flight and see if I can do standby to ABQ (Just incase something opens up) but the chance of anything opening up is low. There were 50 people on standby for the 9:20am flight to ABQ (first one of the day).

Now the funny part about this is that it puts me in about only an hour after my parents and right around the same time as my grandma's flight in. So really it all just freaking works out. Really it does. Not the way I wanted it to work, but hell better then nothing, and much better then those poor people stuck in Denver last week and the week before.

Now, I have to do yearend close tomarrow (1/2/07) cus its like the one part of my job that I can not do away from the office. Well, strike that, I can, but I have to have someone on site to put in backup tapes and change backup tapes for me. O well, such is life I guess. Also I talked to my boss last night to tell him that I was going to be late getting back into the office. I must say I have a great boss, cus he was like "Kevin, just get home safe, and we will do year end when you get back, do not stress about it". So that was nice.

Well I am freaking hungry as crap, so I think its time I start to think about breakfast, that or going back to sleep. LOL. So that kids is what is going on with me. I hope you all are having a much better new year then I am having right now.
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