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What a trip...

So I never made it home tonight. Right now I am stuck in the DFW MetroPlex (AKA Westin DFW Airport) trying to get a flight out to Albuquerque in the morning. My flight got into DFW ontime with no problems, but when we got on the ground and looked at flight info, we saw that the flight to Albuquerque had been cancled. I know, now everyone in the family has had to deal with one or more of there flights being cancled. Sucks ass!

Anyway, I was at least able to get a hotel room here at the Westin right off the DFW Airport property. Its a very nice place, and I was able to get it at a really reduced rate of 49.00 a night. Best damn 49 dollars I have spent this trip bar-none. LOL. Anyway, so my room service just got here(hey, I never got dinner, suck on it) so its nice to finaly get dinner at 11:30pm.

Also I got really lucky and on the flight here from Cleveland I was seated in the same row as a family going to Albuquerque from Cleveland. Go figure right? So we became really good friends on the flight, and kinda have stuck together during all this crap. So right now we are on standby for the first flight to Albuquerque which is scheduled to leave at 9:20am. The problem here is that there are also 47 other people trying to get on the same flight. So I just talked to the wife (Alyce) and we are also on standby for the first flight to El Paso in the morning as well. The logic behind El Paso is that its really only about a 4 hour drive to Albuquerque, and thats better then no flight at all.

So that is where I stand right now, and my food is getting cold/warm so I am going to go eat it. Write more when I know more....
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