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Saddam Executed!

I really wanted to call this post "Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead", but I thought better of it. Part of me deep down really would have loved to meet Saddam and have dinner with him, only to see how his mind ticked. I mean he was one sick fucker, but what made him that way? Why was he the person that he was? Its questions like these that I would have loved to ask.

So before I have the NSA, CIA, FBI, and any other fed on my ass, I love love love love the USA. Anyway, part of me is sad that he has been executed. I would have wanted him to spend the rest of his natual born life in some jail in a shit ass load of pain. But you know, what is done is done.

Also I must say that on some level, part of me is a little scared to fly on Sunday. I really do not think anything will happen in wake of Saddam's Execution, but you never know. I know that come sunday when I step foot in the airport I will be on a much higher alert then I would have been on.


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Dec. 30th, 2006 04:26 am (UTC)
I think Saddam was typical of the dictator mold. They're just strongmen who are ruthless and yet charismatic enough to get people to follow them...they seize power through force and keep it through terror. They're a dime a dozen.

I'd really recommend you see the movie "The Last King of Scotland" about Idi Amin, the Ugandan dictator. He killed hundreds of thousands of his own people before being forced out. He bragged about dining on the flesh of his enemies. He died in exile in Saudi Arabia...the movie is a fascinating look into the workings of his regime, through the eyes of his personal physician (granted, it's a fictionalized account, but based on interviews with his inner circle.) Since the movie is likely not playing anywhere near you (it did very poorly box-office wise, although it was critically acclaimed) you can also read the book which the movie was based on.

The dictator I'd be most interested in meeting would be Hitler. He was a different breed entirely from your average strongman. His pure evilness is fascinating to me. But as for Saddam, I regard as your garden-variety homicidal strongman.
Dec. 30th, 2006 04:39 am (UTC)
I would really love to meet Fidel Castro. I mean, really he seams to treat the people of his country not half bad, and does not seem like that bad of a guy for your "Run of the Mill Dictator".

There are days that I think the only reason why we hate him is how close his country is to our country. If he was another 500 or 1,000 miles away, we would not even care about him.

But like you, I would love to meet Hitler. Also thanks for the movie / book recommenation, I will check that out when I get a second.
( 2 People Thought — Tell Me What You Think )


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